Love this long black dress I pattern cut for the AW2010 Mario Schwab collection.

It is a elegant dress with lots of detail. Originally the toile was approved as a bias cut but if memory serves me right the final garment was cut on the straight grain. It opens at the front with a concealed zip. At the back there is a long vent to aid walking. At the neckline, some of the crystals are hand painted in blue and green to give an amazing detail feature. The students who worked on this collection were very very busy. Thank you for all your help in making this a great collection.

The side panels are made of sheer fabric and are constructed so they sit away from the body at the bust and hip point and sit right into the waist at the waist point. They are re-enforce with a see through wire like material in order to hold the shape. At the base of the sheer fabric by the hip there is horse hair braid in it, in order to hold and create the round shape.

In fact this dress was so great that the lovely Jessika Alba wore it  at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in Washington DC in  Spring 2010. Stunning.


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