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Blue Sleeveless Wool Dress-Mario Schwab AW2010

Lucy Liu looks great in the dress I did for Marios Schwab AW2010.

This is one of my favourite pictures of an outfit I have pattern cut for a catwalk show. Looks great, fits great (unlike the catwalk model), and it is styled great.

Pattern Cutting the Red Crystal Dress

Pattern cutting the Red Crystal Dress for the AW2009 Mario Schwab collection was one of the easier pieces I had to do that season.

The idea of the collection is to have the feeling of the earth cracking open and being able to see all the wonderful gems that the earth holds.

The base of the dress is a very fitted tailored fully lined dress and out of the left hand side as worn there is another dress coming out of the side seam and shoulder and  laying on top of the main dress exposing pockets covered in Swarovski crystals. As always there is lots of infrastructure to hold the shape and give it the all so clear lines you see on the outside of the dress. It took 2 toiles to get it to the required look. The rest was up to good sample cutting, a great machinist and a dedicated team of students that did all the beading  under Mario’s supervision. Once it was finished it looked great and it did weigh quite a bit thanks to the heavy crystal beading.


The final result was so good and such a success as this dress was the second best seller of that season retailing at £2,310, it was worn by Sienna Miller, Cheryl Cole, Nadja Swarovski, was on the cover of DAZED & Confused magazine, was featured in Brown’s Window and has appeared in a couple of articles in the press. Success. In today’s world, for designers it is not just a dress that fits well and sells well that is important. What is also important is which celebrity is endorsing their brand by wearing the outfit especially at an event which means it will be photographed and published and how much publicity is there around this dress.

For example this red dress has been worn -in three versions- by three high profile celebrities on three different occasions. Publicity? You bet. Is this good for Mario Schwab? Absolutely. Will this increase his profile in the fashion world? Yes. Will this pull in more high profile clients? Absolutely. This may even spur him onto made to measure one off outfits. Time will tell.

This is a pattern cutting job I did for ASOS back in early 2011 in my London workroom.

Mini skater dress by ASOS Black for AW2011 retailing at £120. Love this dress.

Featuring a contour panelled design, with sheer mesh inserts, and a contrast patent trim, a deep v-neckline, cut outs to waist, a high waistline, with a v-back, and a cut out detailing. Designed with a tailored fit to bodice, and a softly flared, mini cut skirt.

This is a dress designed by Mario’s Schwab and pattern cut by me for his AW2009 collection.

So who did wear it best? Or did they all wear it in their own sexy, elegant way?

Sienna Miller of Cheryl Cole or Najda Swarovski?

Sienna Miller was the first to wear it shortly after the collection was shown at a screening of ‘The Mysteries of Pittsburgh’ in New York City in April 2010 (she wore the simple version with no crystals). Cheryl Cole wore it later in the year in November 2010 on one of the X-Factor shows where was a judge. Miller opted for the simple version where as Cole went for the version with the crystals. In November 2011 Nadja Swarovski wore the original catwalk design dress version. Each has her own way of wearing it and accessorising it.  All versions are great and all three ladies look very elegant.

The dress it’s self took 2 attempts to get it to the point that Schwab was happy with it, using Flat Pattern cutting and Drapping. It was also one of the last pieces I did that season. On the outside it looks simple but as always most of the mechanics are on the inside of the dress.

I will let you decide who wore it best.

This dress even made it as the main feature of Browns Window Shop!

It made front cover of Dazed & Confused Magazine! The August issue centered around 3D fashion. Accompanied by 3D glasses, the issue is inspired by the 3D-based collection of Marios Schwab and  featured photography by Terry Tsiolis and styling by Nicola Formichetti.


It also made the special edition of the Latina 15th anniversary issue. The dress is far right as you look at the picture and if you look closely enough you will see that the photographer flipped the image so the detail looks like it is comming from the right shoulder rather than the left. the dress was worn by Alani La  La Vazquez.

It made it into the Evening Standard. (click on link to read more)

Crafted in structured neoprene this £120 dress for ASOS BLACK AW2011, features a geometric shaped laser cut detailing on the top front and back bodice. A high waistline gives the illusion of longer legs. Designed with a tailored fit to bodice and wide knife pleats, to mini cut skirt.

Bodycon £85 mini dress for ASOS BLACK AW2011 crafted in a stretch neoprene with contrast sheer panel inserts. Featuring a contour seamed design, a round neckline, with sleeveless styling, and curved cut outs. Designed in a bodycon fit and mini cut.

This is quite a funky quirky dress I did for ASOS Revive A/W2011, retailing at £150. In the picture you can’t see all the detail in the dress. The detail sketch below gives you an idea of all the work that has gone into this dress. The fur sleeves add texture and a quirkiness to the dress.

Skater Dresses are big this Autumn winter (2011). Any colour almost any fabric and in a hand full of prints. However this one is one retailing at £100, I think is great and one I did for ASOS Revive range. It is fully lined and the Faux fur looks great.

Love it when the work you and the people you work with becomes a hit.

This is a dress I created the pattern for ASOS Revive. It is a statement dress selling for £120 and has been one of their fastest seller, so much so it is out of stock. Hopefully they will add another production run. Well done to all who has helped create this.