Monthly Archives: October 2011

This is quite a funky quirky dress I did for ASOS Revive A/W2011, retailing at £150. In the picture you can’t see all the detail in the dress. The detail sketch below gives you an idea of all the work that has gone into this dress. The fur sleeves add texture and a quirkiness to the dress.

Skater Dresses are big this Autumn winter (2011). Any colour almost any fabric and in a hand full of prints. However this one is one retailing at £100, I think is great and one I did for ASOS Revive range. It is fully lined and the Faux fur looks great.

Love it when the work you and the people you work with becomes a hit.

This is a dress I created the pattern for ASOS Revive. It is a statement dress selling for £120 and has been one of their fastest seller, so much so it is out of stock. Hopefully they will add another production run. Well done to all who has helped create this.