Monthly Archives: April 2010

Pattern Cutting this green jersey dress was the last piece I did for Marios Schwab.

It is a very wearable dress both for daytime and evening time. The beauty of this dress is that it looks simple and yet it was one of the most intricate patterns. The front is full of detail and the back view is kept simple and clean. The outer shell only consists of 3 pattern pieces -Back raglan sleeve bodice, Front raglan sleeve bodice including the skirt all the way to the back and the Panel that the Hooks are stitched on-. Sounds simple I know, but experience has shown that at times the most simple pieces are the most difficult or intricate. Although not seen there is a lot of constraction inside the dress including the hidden pockets within the draped part, boning, power mesh etc to help with the clean fitted looking bodice at the waist part. It took a couple of go’s to get it looking the way Marios wanted and it was worth all the work as I think it looks absolutely great.

At the end of the day this was a very successful dress as it was the second best seller of the season and it got publicity when Emma Watson wore it on “Live” TV to promote “Harry Potter” .

It retails at Browns for £1,485.00