Monthly Archives: September 2009

This Black Swarovski Crystal Dress has also made it into the press.

I met Sarah when I went to work for Mario Schwab quite a few seasons ago. At that time she was an intern and it was obvious that she was going to be one to watch and one that would one day have her own label. Hard working, very creative and a lovely personality she had the drive for what this business demands.

This red dress was for Sarah’s final college collection. It was a complicated piece to make due to the required structure and the fact that it was consistent of 57 pattern pieces so each time Sarah wanted to move a line over by 0.3cms (that is 3mm) it took a while to do and always needed to make sure that the balance is kept and proportionally it looked correct. The clever thing about the dress is the flat rigid look with sections coming out that are flowing and soft and the playfulness of different fabrics cleverly put together.