Monthly Archives: February 2009

An interesting dress to pattern cut. A sexy elegant dress and one of my favourites.

Originally this was being done by someone else and then handed to me. I spend half of the Saturday afternoon and the Monday toiling and creating the pattern. Marios decided to toile in suede so he can see what it really looks like.

On the day we were fitting the toiles (it was a lond day and this was towards the end of a day filled with fitting garments), when Marios saw it on the model, his face said it all. He gave me a hug and a kiss and said he was very pleased with it. The long hours spend toiling and pattern cutting it were worth it, Just a tiny alteration on the CF seam on the skirt. This is the only dress I did for him in one toile that was almost perfect.

The dress was a great success as this was the best seller of the season and they also produced a jersey version of this dress.

Love this dress. Although it looks simple in the shape, it has a great detail on the left side.